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July 21, 2012

Tad Lo Waterfall

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Salavan Province, South Laos.

I caught the eight o’clock bus from Pakse to Salavan at the VIP bus station. But I had to change busses at the southern bus station which is at the markets about eight kilometers from town.

Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo

I had to walk a couple kilometers into the village of Tad Lo. Luckily it was overcast and a bit cooler than usual, so it was not too bad. I found a guest house that cost $1.20 a night, had a shower and took off with the camera up the river.

red flower
Tropical Flower

There were lots of bright flowers about. Red seemed a common theme.

red flower 2
Red Flower

red flower 3
Another red flower

This one looks a bit like a waratah, the emblem for New South Wales.

a plant
a plant

Then I saw the waterfalls. There is a couple of them, you go past one and then get to the next one which is the actual Tad Lo waterfall.

Tad Lo Waterfalls
Tad Lo Waterfall

There were heaps of water striders in a pool below the waterfalls

Water Strider
Water Strider

And lots of black dragonflies.

black dragonfly
black dragonfly

catching fish
Throwing the net

And the old throw net.

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