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July 21, 2012

Tad Stoung Waterfall

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Tad Lo Waterfalls.

Today was an expedition on bike to the waterfalls surrounding the Tad Lo area. The first waterfall going upstream is Tad Hang. Then there is the Tad Lo waterfall.

Zou and his bike

I went with Zou, who travelled all the way from China on this Honda 125 motor-bike. We walked in to photograph the Tad Lo falls and most of mine turned out crap.

green black grasshopper
a green grasshopper

I did manage to photograph a nice green grasshopper who jumped right into my path.

Me at Tad Stoung
Me at Tad Stoung Waterfall

My battery died again at this stage so I had to go back and get the other one. When will I ever learn? We eventually made it to the top of the Tad Stoung waterfall but you could not get a very good view.

Havin a durrie
villager smoking

After that we went down to the bottom of the waterfall at Ban Khiang Tad Stoung village. Zou gave out a few cigarettes which were gratefully received. They were smoking their own home-grown tobacco rolled in paper or leaves.

Tyre + stick = fun
Kid with tyre and stick

I cannot believe how grumpy this kid was, even though he had a tyre and a stick. What more could you ask for?

The tinker
tinker on a bike

This tinker came on a bike selling odds and ends, but the villager was mainly interested in the umbrellas.

Lao Kid
kid by the river

We then trekked down to the river, heading up towards the bottom of the waterfall. These kids followed us, so we had to take their photos.

young boatman

This kid had a bamboo boat which he paddled across the creek with a stick!


This kid was like a fish in the creek, a true waterman.
Tad Stoung Waterfall

Tad Stoung Waterfall

The Xe Set River starts in the north of the Bolaven Plateau and continues to the highland’s edge until it plummets ninety meters off a vertical cliff at Tad Soung Waterfall.

Drying Tobacco
Tobacco drying

After that we went to a Katu village, Ban Lanong. The villages are built around a spirit house and previously Katu women tattoed their faces.

Katu Rice Fields
Working the rice fields

Looking out my window
A young girl in the window

Bamboo huts and satellite dishes
Modern conveniences

The most strange thing about these villages is that you see a lot of satellite dishes beside bamboo huts. It seems quite incongruous to me.

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