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August 26, 2009

Grey Currawong 090826

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Grey Currawong (Stepera versicolor)

Yesterday I got a free tick on the way to Canberra. I stopped off at the Tarwang Rest Area which is just before you get to Goulburn on the Hume Highway. I had started out from Newcastle with shorts, thongs and a T-shirt and my toes were starting to freeze, so I stopped to put some warm clothes on. The wind had been blowing extremely hard all the way. In fact last night Melbourne was hit with massive winds that blew down trees and power lines.

Grey Currawong

Well, while I was putting my shoes on, I saw a currawong, and I thought to myself that it was a Grey Currawong and I had not seen one of these before. I had better get a photo of it. So I hurriedly got ready and grabbed the camera and went chasing this Grey Currawong around the picnic area. Grey Currawongs are out of area for us in Newcastle. This bird was race versicolor (Stepera versicolor versicolor), the nominate race for this species. Race versicolor is mainly distributed in South-east Australia in southern New South Wales and Victoria.

Grey Currawong

The Grey Currawong has a size from 45 to 53 centimetres. Their preferred habitat is low, open forest, woodlands, mallee heath, scrub and agricultural fields when foraging.

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