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December 28, 2010

Skiing in Iran

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Ski Resorts in Iran.

Near Tehran.

These resorts are in the Alborz Mountains.

There are 6 lifts with the highest at about 1450m. It is about 40 kilometers from Tehran and takes about 55 minutes to drive there. The elevation is around 3000 meters.

Dizin has a vertical drop of around 900 meters. The highest ski-lift is about 3600 meters. There is a gondola, a couple of chair-lifts, and surface lifts. It is 2.5 hours from Tehran.

You can access Tochal from the Tochal Telecabin which is easy to get to from Tehran. You take the gondola up the mountain and on top of the mountain are some surface lifts. You can also ski down to the 5th cable car station.

Darbansar has 3 slopes and is good for beginners.

near Tabriz
Excursions can be organized to ski on Mount Sahand. There may be one ski lift.

You can ski on the Tarik Dare ski slopes on Thursday and Friday. You may be able to stay in Hamadan at Farshchi Guest House or the Hamadan Guest House.

Zagros Mountains
Sepidan is 15 kilometers from the ski slope of Poolad Kaf, which has four lifts, the highest elevation being 3400m.
Chelgerd has a single T-bar.

Featured Image Photo by Ali Majdfar. Thank you.

December 16, 2009

Birding in Iran

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Birding in Iran

map of iran
The birding locations that I have gathered here are less than exhaustive but it is hard to get definitive information about birding in Iran. Hopefully, that will change as more birders go there. To get help with a visa for Iran, check out these sites: or

Hormozgan Province
The coastal lowlands around Minab and Bandar Abbas.
Tarom and Tashkouiye Plain, in the north of the Hormozgan Province near Hajiabad.
At Bandar Abbas, stay at Mema Pazir Bouali or Mosaferkhuneye-ye-Bazar.
Minab – Sadaf Hotel.

Faror Protected Area
On Faror/Forur Island, 24km offshore in the southern Persian Gulf, near Bandar Lengeh.
At Bandar Lengeh, stay at Hotel Amir.

Geno Protected Area
30km northwest of Bandar Abbas, up a high mountain.

Hara Protected Area
Near Bandar Abbas. Between Qeshm island and Khamir harbour. Huge numbers of migratory birds.
On Qeshm stay at Hotel Sahel.

Hormod Protected Area
near Bandar Abbas

Shidvar International Wetland
A small island 2km east of Lavan Island and 9km off the coast. Large colony of breeding terns.

Jegin Woodland
The south east of Hormozgan province, east of Jask township, fed by the Jengin River.

Caspian Coast

South of Fereidoonkenar

Nour National Park

Golestan National Park
A few hours from Gorgan. Golestan Province Accommodation
Bird watching in Golestan
In Gorgan, stay at Pars Hotel.

Sisangan National Park
31km from Noshahr, has forests and walking trails. Stay at Shalizar Hotel in Noshahr.

Other Areas

Lar Protected Area
Lar Dam is in an area called Polour at Kilometer 65 of the Haraz Road between Tehran and Amol. It is located in Central Alborz. Polour is at the base to Mount Damavand.

Khojir and Sorke Hasar National Park

Central Kavir National Park
This park is in northern Iran 120kms south of Tehran and 100kms east of Qom. It sits on the western end of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. At Qom stay at Etminan Hotel.

Hamun-e Helmand
aka Sistan Lake is in southeast Iran near the Afghan border. It forms the extended wetlands of Seistan.

Tandooreh National Park
Tandooreh is located in the north east of Iran, near the city of Dargaz and the Turkmenistan border.

In Tehran, stay at the Mashad Hotel or Mehr Guesthouse near Amir Kabir Street.
Esfahan – Amir Kabir Hostel.
Shiraz – Zand Hotel.
Bushehr – Hotel Sadi.
Zahedan – Abuzar Hotel.
Mashad – Razi Hotel.
The cheapest lodging houses are called “mosaferkhunehs”.

Resources for Iran Birding

Lonely Planet Iran (Country Guide)

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