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June 16, 2009

Stockton Photography 090616

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Bird Photography at Stockton Channel, 16th June, 2009

This morning I went to Stockton Channel on the Hunter River to look for raptors and to see if there were any Double-barred Finch at the Stockton Sandspit. Well, it turned out not to be expected, as per usual. Firstly, I checked out the boat ramp at Stockton and was just lazily looking out onto the river, when this Whistling Kite came flying by, looking for some breakfast. I hurriedly got out the camera, and just managed to get a few shots of him. The weather at dawn was looking fine and I thought it was going to be a nice sunny day. But some clouds were developing by this time, and it ended up clouding right over and raining by the time I got home.

Whistling Kite
Whistling Kite(Haliastur sphenurus)

After that encounter, I had a look at the wreck and in the bay, but there was nothing around. I parked at the Stockton Sandspit and went for a walk around the beach. There were some Common Starling sitting on a tree, and on the beach, there were a few Pelicans, Ibis, and Chestnut Teal. I was hoping to see some Sacred Kingfishers, but there were none about. The beach at the river side was pretty quiet actually, so I went into the scrub at the southern end. There were a mob of Superb Fairy-wrens and a heap of Little Wattlebird that were flying around the banksia trees.

Little Wattlebird
Little Wattlebird(Anthochaera chrysoptera)

I went over to the south east side of the bridge and saw some Double-barred Finch, but did not get any decent photographs of them. I saw a White-bellied Sea-eagle way out on the river and hoped he would come towards me, but he headed west away from me. It wasn’t such a bad morning. I got some good shots of the Little Wattlebirds, which I wanted all along. I need some better shots of the Double-barred Finch, but that will happen another day.

Bird Species List, Stockton Sandspit, 16/6/09

Whistling Kite
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Common Starling
Chestnut Teal
Australian White Ibis
Superb Fairy-wren
Double-barred Finch
Yellow Thornbill

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