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December 4, 2010

Macro in the Backyard

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Backyard Macro

Well I am back home in Australia after four and a half months of travelling in South America. I dragged out the old Canon 350D, which is mostly known as the “Rebel” in most countries, to see if it was still working. It is very clunky after the 40D, but it seemed to go pretty good.

xmas tree decoration
Xmas Tree Decoration

The above photo is a close detail of a shiny mirror ball. I used the Sigma 105 Macro lens. I just used the onboard flash because I was just testing it out. Aperture was set at f/11, which gives a decent amount of Depth of Field, and the shutter speed was about 1/200.

shade cloth
Shade Cloth

This is a shot of some shade cloth. I like the geometric patterns of this. Usually we do not pay attention to small details, and that is why I like Macro. It gives you a perspective you usually do not look for.

passionfruit tendril
Passionfruit Tendril

I love the shapes of tendrils. Peas and Passionfruits have the nicest ones.

water drop on flower
Water Drop on Flower

The standard water drop shot. I actually decreased the saturation of this photo heaps and it still comes out really red. Texture is another thing i like.

wire mesh
Wire mesh

This is the mesh on the speaker of a little portable music player. Again, shapes and texture. I particularly like the bits of fluff around the holes.

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