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July 25, 2013

Waste Point

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Kosciusko National Park.

Waste Point is just before the gates to the National Park going up the road to Perisher Valley. You turn off a couple of kilometers after the Thredbo River crossing. This morning was the coldest morning all winter I reckon. Someone later said it got to minus eight Celsius last night. There was frost everywhere.

Waste Point bush
The bush at Waste Point

There have been a few big bush-fires lately so the bush is pretty burnt out and there is not a lot of undergrowth and there are a lot of dead trees.

frosty bark
frosty bark

There was frost everywhere on the ground and gave me lots of chances to find some interesting textures.

icy soil
Frozen water in the soil

Frozen icicles were coming up out of the sand at the edge of the lake. It must have been all the moisture in the sand freezing into columns of crystal ice. It looked really weird.

Gaussian water
Water in the lake

And some water in the lake which seemed to extend into a gaussian infinity.

Creel  Bay
Lake Jindabyne panorama

A panorama of the Waste Point/Creel Bay area.

sand textures
Sand ripples

Some texture in the sand under the water.

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