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March 23, 2009

Bird Photography Jerusalem Creek 090322

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Bird Photography – Jerusalem Creek, 22nd March, 2009

This day I went on an outing to Jerusalem Creek with the HBOC. Jerusalem Creek is just out of Dungog, towards Chichester Dam up in the Barrington Tops National Park.

When we got there, we saw a Bassian Thrush(Zoothera lunulata) just hopping around in the car park.

Bassian Thrush

We set off following the track through the rainforest, past the waterfall to the right. At the lookout near the waterfall we saw a grand total of two birds, a couple of grey fantails. Setting off back along the track, we saw plenty of places where the lyrebirds had been scratching in the dirt. We heard some Glossy Black Cockatoos and saw a couple of scrub-wren but nothing much. It was as dead as a door nail.

Down on a bridge in the valley we spotted what we thought was a whipbird but the photos were a blur. I just could not get a decent shot of him because of the darkness and the leaves in the way.

Later on, coming up the hill, we managed to spot a grey Shrike-thrush(Colluricincla harmonica) up in the trees on a casuarina.

Grey Shrike-thrush

And here is another photograph of the Grey shrike-thrush.

Grey Shrike-thrush

There was not much else that I saw. All in all it was a pretty dead day, not many birds around. But i did manage to photograph two new birds for that day and I had a wonderfull walk through the rainforest, so it was a good day after all.

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