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June 8, 2009

Canberra Bird Photography 2

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Cooleman ridge, Canberra, 7th June, 2009, pm

This afternoon I went to the Cooleman ridge which is near the suburb of Rivett in Canberra. I got there by going to the end of Hindmarsh Drive, turning left onto Darwinia Terrace and then the first left into Kathner Street. There are brochures at the start of the walk and the sections are indicated by numbers. It is quite a pleasant walk even if you are not going birding or taking some photographs. There are a few spots where you can look out on the mountain ranges surrounding Canberra.

Scarlet Robin
Scarlet Robin(Petroica boodang)

The weather was cloudy and overcast and the light was atrocious. I had the ISO on 1600 for most of the time I was there and at the end of the walk, it was getting so dark, i could not even get a picture. The first birds are what I assumed to be Superb Fairy-wren, but I could not get a positive Identification because i could not get a good look at a dominant male. Next up I saw a Scarlet Robin up a hill so I followed them up and spotted a bunch of Yellow-tailed Thornbills as well who were feeding under some small trees on the ground.

Scarlet Robin

On the way back I spotted a juvenile Currawong and a King Parrot, as well as a few flocks of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos as well as a Crested Pigeon. By that time, the light had diminished to impossible to take a decent photo, so I gave it a miss.

Scarlet Robin

The habitat of the Scarlet Robin(Petroica boodang) when breeding is closed and tall open forests. There is some autumn and winter altitudinal dispersal to more open localities such as the grasslands of Cooleman Ridge in this example.

The Scarlet Robin feeds on mainly insects and feeds around the ground. They sit on a tree branch and fly down to catch prey. It is in the passerine bird genus Petroica. They are territorial and monogamous. In NSW they have been proposed as a Vulnerable Species because of a moderate reduction in population due to habitat degradation and overgrazing. Clearing of native vegetation, removal of dead wood and dead trees are recognised as Key Threatening Processes. An over-abundant populations of Pied Currawongs, as well as other native and/or feral predators appear to be severe threats to the scarlet robin’s breeding productivity.


Cooleman Ridge Bird Species List, 7/6/09

Superb Fairy-wren
Scarlet Robin(Petroica boodang)
Yellow-tailed Thornbill
King Parrot
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Crested Pigeon

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