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May 10, 2009

Hunter Wetlands Centre Bird Photography 090509

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Bird Photography at the Hunter Wetlands Center, Shortland, Newcastle, 9th May, 2009

This morning I drove around the beaches to see if there was any decent surfing around to photograph. Flat Rock just was not breaking properly and neither was Bar Beach or Merewether. So I headed off to the Hunter Wetlands Center at Shortland. Luckily they have a cafe at the Wetlands Center so I was able to get my morning fix of coffee before I started.

There were a lot of water birds in the main ponds just near the Center. The Eurasian Coot(Fulica atra) dives for food and here this bird has just dived into the pool and come up with some weed for a feed. They can stay underwater for up to fifteen seconds, and can compress their feathers to squeeze out all the air, which allows them to stay longer under the water.

Eurasian Coot

The Pacific Black Duck(Anas superciliosa) is found in most types of water bodies all over Australia. The mainly feed on aquatic plants with some small crustaceans, molluscs, and insects. The Pacific Black Duck belongs to Family: Anatidae and Order: Anseriformes.

Pacific Black Duck

The Australasian Grebe(Tachybaptus novaehollandiae) feed on small fish and water insects and do deep underwater dives. They belong to Family: Podicipedidae and Order: Podicipediformes.

Australasian Grebe

The Dusky Moorhen(Gallinula tenebrosa) belongs to Family: Rallidae and Order: Gruiformes. It feeds on algae, water plants, and grasses. It is common in most types of wetlands that are surrounded by reeds, and much prefer fresh water to salt.

Dusky Moorhen

Spangled Drongo(Dicrurus bracteatus). Family: Dicruridae, Order: Passeriformes.
The Spangled Drongo is found in northern and eastern Australia, as well as New Guinea and Eastern Indonesia. They prefer wet forests and feed mainly on insects. Its distinctive features include the long forked tail and red eyes.

Spangled Drongo


Bird Species List for Hunter Wetlands Center, 9/5/09.

Welcome Swallow
Eurasian Coot
Magpie Goose
Australian Grebe
Whistling Kite
Dusky Moorhen
Red-browed Finch
Superb Fairy-wren
Australian White Ibis
Eastern Rosella
Purple Swamphen
Spangled Drongo
Great Egret
Pacific Black Duck

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