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July 10, 2018

The Road to Mogotes

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San Gil, Santander, Colombia

It was a mammoth effort getting from Bucaramanga to San Gil. I had to catch five buses before I got to my hostel on the road to Mogotes, Hostel Villa Isabela. After I settled in for a while and did all my social media thingies, I walked up the hill for a little way with five dogs for company. It was really nice having the dogs with me.

Blue-necked Tanager
Blue-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanocollis)

At first I thought this was a Swallow Tanager before I looked at a photo of one, then I realised it was not. doh! Now I am waiting for a decent internet connection so I can find out what it is. Edit: It is a Blue-necked Tanager, a species of bird in the family Thraupidae. It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Blue-necked Tanager
Blue-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanocollis)

A head on shot. I did not see much else so I chucked a couple of photos in of this species. The Spanish name for the Blue-necked Tanager is Tangara Cabeciazul.


The flycatchers were sitting at the top of a tree and darting out to catch the late evening bugs.

teddy the toad
Teddy the Toad

This toad’s real name is Edward but I called him teddy. He lives in a hole in the back yard of the hostel.

San Gil bird list

Blue-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanocollis)
Tropical Kingbird
Blue-grey Tanager
Colombian Chachalaca
Black Vulture

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