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June 17, 2017

The Trawler Launch

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Karaikal, Tamil Nadu.

I was going for a ride in my bike towards the beach when I saw this massive boat on the road. So, of course I stopped and had a look at what was going on.

On the Road 928
The trawler on the road.

They got a back-end loader and pushed it down the ramp. The sand ramp. They had to put all bits of timber under the wheels.

Trawler launch 930
Going down the ramp.

The traweler was secured to the wheels carrying it with ropes twisted with logs.

trawler launch 932
side view

Big Propeller 936
Securing ropes.

Here is a shot of the propeller showing how the ropes are attached to the wheels.

going down the ramp 938
Going into the water. 938

The back-end loader pushed the trawler into the water.

stuck on sand 942
Stuck on the sand

Cannot go any further by pushing from behind with the back-hoe.

last push 945
Still stuck on the sand.

But she was still stuck on the sand. They got another trawler and put a line on her to tow her off the sand.

yippee afloat 947
Success, she is afloat.

Everyone yahooing when the trawler is afloat. Game over. Set and match.

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