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September 19, 2017

Toy Train Ride

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Baroda, Gujarat.

I checked out of the transcube plaza after 10am and got a tuk-tuk to the main bus station. The traffic was horrendous, especially the camel in the bus lane! But eventually I made it onto the bus to Baroda after getting sent to the wrong platform. When I got to Baroda, the traffic was even worse, if that is possible. I found the transcube mall near the train station after walking around in circles for a while.

tuk-tuk drivers
Tuk-tuk drivers

After a shower and a little nana nap, I went outside and got surrounded by tuk-tuk drivers, so I took their photos.

baby face tuk tuk driver

They were actually pretty funny guys. They are just trying to make a living in a tough environment.

Motor-bike parking

Near the roundabout I was amazed to see the number of motor-bikes parked there. So I took a photo.

the fat controller
The fat controller

Down the road aways I found a park with a toy train in it! This must be the third toy train in India that I have ridden. I never rode on them before but now I love them. 🙂 Here is the guy who checked my ticket. I called him the fat controller. A bit rude, I know.

the toy train
On the toy train

And off we go around the park.

The transport minister
The transport minister

Later that night at the mall, there was a big kerfuffle with police and security clearing the path and the transport minister of India walks past. I liked the guys with machine guns surrounding him.

Transcube Mall
The mall at night

And here is where my hostel is. On the second floor of the Transcube Plaza! It is all a bit surreal but it is starting to be normal for me. doh!

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