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July 25, 2010

Travelling in Argentina

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Going to Esquel

Wow, where to start. Another manic day in Argentina. I got up early and took the taxi to the bus terminal. The taxis in Argentina have been really good so far. They are reasonably cheap (about ten pesos for a kilometer) and the taxi drivers are very honest, which is pretty weird. You have to wait for the bus to come up on the television monitor at the terminal before you know what platform it is coming on. It can get very confusing because you have no idea where the bus is going to come in. And not many people speak English and get impatient when I try to speak in my excrutiating Spanglish. I met this guy who was a ski instructor at Chapelco and Catedral who helped me out heaps. He ould not speak English but was very patient trying to understand me.

They give out these little meals of pastry on the bus for lunch. I also got a glass of lemonade which I thought was quite cute. I saw my first site of the Andes eventually and it a bit hard to describe. All my preconceptions went way out the window. They are huge and I mean huge, they just go for ever and ever. The landscape is very desolate and wild with huge lumps of rock sticking out of the land. The only comparison I can draw is the immensity of the Himalayas which give a similar feeling of massivity.

the bus to esquel
The bus to Esquel stopping off at Bariloche

We finally got to Bariloche which is on the side of this huge lake. There is the lake on one side and these immense snow-covered mountains on the other side. We got stopped twice on the way by the police which was a confronting experience. They came on the bus and checked us out. The second time a police dog came on the bus and sniffed us all. They took away a couple of youngster who later came back thankfully and boarded the bus.

Finally we made it to Esquel about 8pm. I was pretty knackered by this time, and caught a taxi to the hostel which is full of people and a madhouse of activity. I have booked a shuttle bus to get me up the mountain in the morning to go skiing. I have got all my gear ready to go, I just hope that I remember how to ski.

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