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September 29, 2018

Valparaiso Harbour

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Valparaiso – Chile – Day Two.

Yesterday I caught the bus into town. I got a pino empanada from the panaderia and sat down at the bus terminal and had my lunch.

Traffic Jam at the markets
Traffic Jam at the markets.

It was chaos around the markets. Buses and cars and taxis were hussling with people with loaded vegetables on carts, with shoppers rushing around all over the place. A complete mad-house.

Selling Vegetables
Selling Vegetables

There were stalls surrounding the markets with people selling all kinds of stuff, mainly vegetables. You can buy anything on the streets – even toilet paper and dish washing detergent.

Launching a rubber ducky
Launching a rubber ducky

I worked out how to get to the water-front and made my way to the wharf, where there were lots of scuba divers getting ready to go on their dives.

Harbour and foreshore
Harbour and foreshore.

Valparaiso has a pretty massive bay with deep water, so it is perfect for a port.

Coastal Train
Coastal Train

This train ran along the coast past Vina del Mar, and beyond that I have no idea.


  1. Gee Steve looks very citified ….

    Comment by Issi — September 29, 2018 @ 11:15 pm

  2. hi Issi.

    Yeah it is a small city. Very hilly with lots of houses scattered around the hills.

    The centre is old with heritage status. Very chic and trendy.


    Comment by admin — October 5, 2018 @ 2:22 am

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