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January 29, 2009

White-bellied Sea-Eagles

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Ash Island, January 29th, 2009.

I woke up at dawn this morning and trotted off to Ash Island which is on the Hunter River as you all know by now. 🙂
I took a few photos(which I will process later) of the Royal Spoonbills and Egrets on the ponds at Ramsar Road and then headed off further into the ponds near the railway lines. I dont know what that road is called. Maybe they were the wader ponds.

White-bellied Sea-eagle

This Immature White-bellied Sea-Eagle was sitting on an electrical pylon feeding on an eel. After a while, he flew off and sat on another pylon with his parents.

White-bellied Sea-eagle

Here is one of his parents. I cannot tell which is mommy or daddy. The female is supposed to be larger. This could be the male. I dont know.

White-bellied Sea-eagle

Here is the other parent. Maybe mommy.

White-bellied Sea-eagle

The little fella flies off, over towards the train lines and soars in circles with his mum. Probably looking for more breakfast. Possibly he was being taught how to hunt.

White-bellied Sea-eagle

It was a great morning. I love taking photos of raptors. Especially when they come a bit closer than usual.

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