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Bird Log 17th July 2008

Today was a sunny day and in the Afternoon I went to Cardiff Heights in Newcastle to an urban bushland area around Victoria Crescent. The birds that I sighted are as follows :

Noisy Miner

noisy miner
Camera settings were : 1/500 second, f/5.6, ISO400 with a 400 mm lens. The camera was a Canon 40D.

The Noisy Miner has a scientific name of Manorina melanocephala. Noisy miners range from Northern Queensland along the east coast of Australia to South Australia and Tasmania. Noisy miners feed on nectar, fruits and insects. They have a black mask from crown to chin and the rest of the head is grey. The bill and the bare skin behind they eye, as well as the feet, are yellow. The underneath is paley grey with darker scallops on the breast. They have a moderate size of about 28 centimetres and can sometimes aggressively attack larger birds.

Eastern Rosella

eastern rosella
Camera settings were : 1/200 second, f/5.6, ISO400 with a 400 mm lens.

The Eastern Rosella has a scientific name of Platycerus eximius. Eastern Rosellas are medium sized parrots with distinctive white cheek patches. They have a red head and breast. Their back is yellow-green and their breast is yellow and lime-green. They can be found throughout south eastern Australia. Their habitat is open woodlands, grasslands, farms, and remnant urban bushlands. The Eastern Rosella feeds on seeds, fruits, buds, flowers, and nectar.