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February 13, 2013

Niseko warms up

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Early spring in Hirafu.

This morning I was very tired after a few mornings in a row of fresh powder. There was no new snow so we went up the mountain to take some photos.

Alex turns Miharashi
Alex turns at Miharashi woods

The first run we had down Miharashi woods. The snow was mostly chopped out and there were bits and pieces of soft wettish snow around. Alex and Andreas went over a bit of a jump but Andreas did a back slap.

Alex jumps Miharashi
Alex makes the jump at Miharashi Woods

After a few runs down Miharashi, we went to waterfall. Alex went over a jump there a few times. The snow was even wetter and heavier here. I had to take off most of my t-shirts it was so hot. I was steaming up my goggles I was sweating so much.

Alex jumps waterfall
Alex stomps Waterfall

February 9, 2013

Rusutsu Merry Go Round

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Rusutsu Ski Resort.

We went skiing today to Rusutsu. There had been about thirty centimeters of fresh powder and the tree skiing was awesome. But it was too much fun to stop and take any photos. So at the end of the day, the kids had a go on the merry go round at the hotel.

Ange is having fun
Ange having lots of fun

Dane rides a pig
Dano is very excited

There was also a talking tree and an excellent play area for the kids. In the summer time, I think they open up the rides such as roller coaster and a water slide.

February 6, 2013

Niseko Ski Fun

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Hirafu, Niseko, Annapuri Ski Resorts.

This morning I headed up the Hirafu Gondola with Alexander and Andreas, my two mates from Sweden. The day was clear and the wind had died down. First up, we skied down to Niseko Village through the trees and down the gullies. Then up the gondola and headed off to Annapuri. We went through Gate 1 and traversed a little bit then went down the fall line. Up top the snow was icy due to the previous days’s wind.

Andreas gate 7
Andreas going down Gate 7

Then we headed up the quad chair and another double and went through Gate 7. Mostly it was tracked out. But there were a few patches of fresh snow here and there.

Alex gate 7
Alex turning it on

After Annapuri, we headed back to Hirafu and headed through Gate 9 to the waterfall run.

Alex gate 9
Alex backhand turn at waterfall

Andreas gate 9

These next photos are by Alexander Ovinder Photography , thanks for letting me use them. 🙂

Andreas jumps
Andreas doing a yump

Andreas at waterfall
Then turning

Finaly I got some photos of me. woohoo.

me turning
Me turning at waterfall

Me at Hirafu.
Me, gone.

February 1, 2013

Niseko Climbing Wall

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Swedish Rock Climbers.

This afternoon my Swedish friends asked me to come along to the climbing wall at Niseko. I was not going to climb any walls but went along to take some photographs.

Niseko Climbing wall
Alex posing at the bottom.

Alex and Andreas started off at the climbing wall. I liked this one because of the contrast.

Niseko Climbing wall 7
The climbing wall

Niseko Climbing wall 6
Andreas tackling the wall

Andreas again

Niseko Climbing wall 4
Rappelling down

Niseko Climbing wall 3
Alex coming up

This one is on the bouldering wall.

Niseko Climbing wall 2
Alex bouldering

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