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December 28, 2013

Kutchan and Niseko

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Hirafu, Niseko.

Just a couple of photos from the last few days. I went into Kutchan to do some shopping the other day. I took the bus in and then got a lift back with some Japanese people I had met last year at the hostel.

Kutchan asphalt
Throwing snow on asphalt

On the way to the bank, there were some workmen putting down some new asphalt in a parking lot. I just love construction scenes so I had to get a shot of the boss throwing snow on the hot asphalt to cool it off.

under king #2 lift
Underneath King Number Two Chair Lift

This is the best of a bad lot of photos shot with the point and shoot. It was also overcast and snowy, so that is my excuse. doh!

An ambulance

This evening I went for a walk to the Lawson konbini and on the way an ambulance came wailing past. I guess I am an ambulance chaser.

December 27, 2013

2013 Retrospective

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Photos from 2013.

Here we go again. Another year bites the dust. This has been a strange year. I started it off in Japan skiing in Niseko, Hokkaido.

Alexander at the Waterfall run

At the end of the Japanese trip, I took my yearly visit to Osaka castle to photograph the birds around the grounds. This Grey Heron is usually found in the pond below the castle.

Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) (Aosagi)

Back in Australia, I headed north and took some surfing photos along the way.

Boomerang Beach

Further north around Laurieton, I shot this photo of a Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo walking out the headland at Dunbogan.

Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo (Calpytorhynchus funereus).

Heading into Queensland on the way to Mundubarah, I stopped in at Ban Ban Springs and got some great shots of the Red-backed Fairy-wrens.

Red-backed Fairy-wren (Malurus melanocephalus).

Then back south to the Kosciusko National Park for the winter.

My camp at Jacob’s River

During which time I took a trip to the beach for a bit of a holiday and got some great shots of Eastern Whipbirds at Gillard Beach.

Eastern Whipbird (Psophodes olivaceus).

Then full circle back to Japan.

Super run, Hirafu.

December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Skiing

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Niseko, Hirafu.

There was more snow last night, probably about ten to twenty centimeters. I am still taking it easy and trying to get my legs fit for skiing. But they are really hurting at the moment.

First run down the super

I took these shots from the Ace Quad number two chairlift of the first skiers shooting down the Super run. It gets chopped out really quickly.

Another punter down the super run

And here is the archetypal shot of Mount Yotei in between some of the lodges near the Ace Family lift.

Mount Yotei

December 22, 2013

First Day Skiing

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Hirafu, Niseko

This was my first day skiing today. I took it very easy, getting my legs in and my balance. All these photos are by my friend Tai.

Me and my friend Tai

There was about ten centimeters of fresh snow but it was icy and hard underneath it.

On the piste at Hirafu

I HATE skiing

It is just so exhausting

December 21, 2013

From Beach to Snow

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Forster to Niseko

Now I am back in Japan in Hokkaido for another season of powder snow hunting. It is a massive change from the hot beach to the freezing cold snow. One day I am in Sydney where the temperature is going to hit forty degrees Celsius and a few days later the temp is hovering around zero.

Nelsons Bay from Karuah

I stopped at Karuah on the way up to Forter about a week ago. It is a nice relaxing spot by the river. Plenty of time to read and walk along the water-front.

Praying Mantis

This Praying Mantis came around while I was trying to cook some lunch near Wallis Lake at Forster. I had to stop making lunch and get the camera out! The nerve of this wild-life.

Kansai Airport, Osaka

It was raining in Osaka so I did not go around doing the tourist thing. Our flight was delayed because of lightning.

Flying over Hokkaido

Flying over the coast of Hokkaido. Touched down at Sapporo and caught the bus to Niseko. I slept like a log last night.

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