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March 29, 2016

Fleurieu Peninsula

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South Australia.

I crossed the Murray River at Tailem Bend on the ferry.

ferry across the murray
Ferry across the Murray River.

After stopping the night at Langhorne Creek, I drove down to Goolwa. They have cruises to the Coorong from here. I am not sure if I will do it because they are a bit expensive. We shall see.

old wood boat
Old Wooden boat

There were a couple of old boats around the wharf at Goolwa. and a paddle-wheel steamer.

paddle-wheel steamer
Paddle-wheel steamer

The surf is flat, I was hoping to get photos of some decent surf but it is onshore slop. yugh..

Mallee Highway

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New South Wales to South Australia.

Going to South Australia via the Mallee Highway. It is the quickest route from New South Wales to Adelaide so they tell me. I started off at Balranald after working a few months in Griffith.

Western Grey ?
Western Grey Kangaroo ?

I think this may be a western grey but I am not sure. Will have to get some ID confirmation from the experts..

Striated Pardalote
Striated Pardalote

I crossed the Murray River at Tooleybuc, did a couple of dog legs and then I was onto the Mallee Highway. It is just mile after mile of red sand and wheat fields.

Wheat stubble on the Mallee
Wheat stubble on the Mallee

After a few towns such as Ouyen, they all started to look the same after a while. Now they are just a blur. But it is a quiet highway and there are not heaps of people around.

Whistling Kite
Whistling Kite

Not sure what this is, maybe some kind of grassbird. Will ask the experts again.

ID please
grassbird ?

March 21, 2016

Cocoparra February

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Cocoparra National Park.

These photos are from about a month ago. I thought it was about time I processed and posted them. doh!

Bar-shouldered Dove
Bar-shouldered Dove (Geopelia humeralis)

I do not have my book with my so I am waiting for some ID. These might be Speckled Warblers or something. And there is a young one there as well.
Thanks to Australian Bird ID facebook group, I think it is a Jacky Winter (Microeca fascinans). The streaks on the baby threw me a bit.
ID needed
Adult and baby

ID needed
not sure yet. probably a baby?

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)

Not sure which pardalote yet. I have to have a look at the internet for an ID. It does not have the red spot above the eye, so whatever one that is, that is it. doh! The spot over the eye gives it away. It is actually an orange spot over the eye. Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus), juvenile.

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