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January 1, 2018

A Day At Gallipoli

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Dardanelles Peninsular

Yesterday I took a tour to Gallipoli from Canakkale. There was another Aussie in the hotel and they needed two people to make it viable so I went along. We started at 11:30am and crossed over on the ferry and were met at the European side by a van. Then we drove to the restaurant and had a fish dinner. Very yummy.

crossing the bosphorus
Crossing the Bosphorus

First stop was the museum where we wandered around for twenty minutes. I was most impressed with the dioramas. I love a good diorama.

bayonet charge diorama
Bayonet charge

trencb diorama
Life in the trenches.

Then it was on to Brighton Beach which was nice and flat. I dunno why they did not come ashore here. Lots easier than Anzac Cove.

anzac cemetery
Cemetery near Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove is just ridiculous. There are cliffs right on the beach. It must have been insane landing here with bullets flying and then having to climb a humungous cliff. Utter madness.

Anzac Cove
Anzac Cove

The Anzac Commemmorative site is where they hold the dawn service. It is quite a nice spot right next to the water. It is not real huge but.

Anzac Commemorative Site
Anzac Commemorative Site

Lone Pine
Lone Pine.

We saw the remains of the trenches where the Aussies were dug in. The ridge is really narrow and the hill behind you is super steep. Not a nice place to be.

Aussie trenches
Aussie trenches

To the north the land is really flat. It would have been so easy to land there. Sometimes it is easy to be perplexed at the stupidity of war.

view to the north
View to the north.

And for a bonus, I took a photo of the Trojan Horse this morning at Canakkale. This is the one they made for the movie “Troy” starring Brad Pitt as Achilles. Brilliant casting, that. derrr.

Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse

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