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February 20, 2009

Ash Island Bird Photography 090220

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Ash Island Bird Photography 090220

20th February, 2009. Ash Island, Newcastle. Australia.

Another session this morning at Ash Island. Some days are great, other days are pretty ordinary. This day was one of the ordinary ones. It was overcast again with a temperature of between 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. I was hoping for some egrets to be getting into the frogs at the beginning of milham road, but there was nothing. Just a common starling sitting on a dead tree.

Common Starling

There were a few common Greenshank in the pond but a bit far away to come out as decent photos. This immature Black-fronted Dotterel was hanging out around the road with a buddy.

Black-fronted Dotterel

There were some Black-winged stilts , Royal Spoonbills and a little Egret. I went over the other side near the railway track and I saw some quail ahead of me on the road. So I screeched to a halt, and took some photos which werent all that crash hot, as they were too far away and heading away from me. This is the best of a bad bunch.

Brown Quail maybe

Coming back towards Wagtail Way , there were heaps of Australian Reed-warblers and Golden-headed Cisticola. This one is a breeding male, i think.

Golden-headed Cisticola

And here is another one.

Golden-headed Cisticola

And at the end of this story there is, a lizard! He was in a pond near the road. He is probably some kind of Skink. As far as I know.


Ash Island Bird Species List 20/2/09

Common Starling
Common Greenshank
Black-fronted Dotterel
Black-winged Stilt
Royal Spoonbill
Little Egret
Brown Quail
Australian Reed-warbler
Golden-headed Cisticola

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