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April 29, 2014

Australasian Gannet

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Morus serrator.

I have been watching the Gannets diving off the rocks at Forster for a couple of days but the weather has been rainy and dark. So this morning the sun was out and so was my camera. I had been wanting to get some shots of the Gannets diving. One of the most difficult things to photograph in my humble opinion.

Australasian Gannet
juvenile Australasian Gannet (Morus serrator)

The first few dives I tried to follow focus with the back-focus button held in but that did not seem to work. Mainly because there was a lot of background crap such as buildings and hills and breakwaters. Eventually I just followed with the focus until they dived and then let my finger off the focus button and hoped that I was in the general depth-of-field.

Australasian Gannet dive
Australasian Gannet Going into the dive

Australasian Gannet
Australasian Gannet adjusting in dive

Australasian Gannet
plop! into the water

Australasian Gannet
Back into flight

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