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April 6, 2012

Bali Morning

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Lovina, Western Bali

Lovina is on the northern coast of Bali, just near Singaraja. I caught a shared taxi here yesterday from Bedugul. The losmen here are really expensive. They wanted 120,000 Rupiah for a room without Air Conditioning. I finally haggled them down to 100,000 per night. But that is still too expensive. Yesterday afternoon I walked along the beach and met some kids who invited me to go fishing. So I went fishing and the kid caught one little fish and that was it. And it poured down with rain.

pig on a spit
Cooking a pig

This morning I got up early and went looking for things to photograph. The fishermen were roasting a pig on a spit (Babi Guling) on the beach.

cooking a pig
Pig on a spit (Babi Guling

There are some nice looking fishing boats moored off the beach. This one had lots of colour.

Fishing boat
Fishing Boat

These guys had just come in and were dragging the boat up the beach. They used rollers made of cut up bits of trunks of coconut trees. They had a few fish but they looked pretty small.

Dragging up the boat
Dragging a boat up the beach

This guys was repairing the hull of this boat. He had cut out the rotten bits and was going to insert some new wood in the holes.

boat repairs
Repairing a boat

There are thousands and thousands of motor scooters on Bali. The roads are chock full of them. Lots of backpackers hire them also to get around the island. I am not to keen on riding one of them as the roads here are incredibly dangerous. They drive worse than Victorians. 🙂

Bike messenger
Motorbike delivery

Every morning people do offerings around their houses.

morning offering
Morning offering

Today is some sort of special day in Bali. There were lots of ceremonies going on.

temple ceremony
Temple Ceremony

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