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October 27, 2019

China Tourist Photos 2

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Beijing to Yangshuo Tourist

This is the second installment of tourist photos from China. The last few days I went to Olympic Forest Park and the Beijing Botanical Garden. There were heaps of people early in the morning walking around, playing music and doing their exercises.

beijing botanical garden

Early morning exercises

Next stop was Wuhan where it was raining as soon as I got there. I got one day of nice weather. Here is the high-rise building where I stayed at a hostel on the 24th floor.


Wuhan lodgings

I caught the very fast train from Wuhan to Guilin. It looks like a space ship.

very fast train

Very fast train

The maximum speed was about 300 kilometers per hour.

Top speed on the very fast train

When I got to Guilin I went to the Seven Star Park to find some birds.

guilin 7 star park

Guilin Seven Star Park

I had some great meals near the markets at North Guilin. Jozu were five yuan for eight and I was having rice and vegetables for 10 yuan.

guilin north markets

Guilin North Markets

Then I caught the bus to Yangshuo which was super busy. I was glad I did not stay there. I changed buses to Xingping which I thought might be a little quieter but there were thousands of tourists there too. ha ha.


xingping old town

I walked along the river and took a photo of the river that is on the 20 yuan note.

lijiang river

Lijiang River

For dinner I went for a walk to the markets and seen this dog butchered ready for sale.

dog for dinner

Dog for dinner ?


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