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November 3, 2010

From Lima to Puno

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Flight from Lima to Juliaca, Peru

I decided to fly to Puno from Lima because the costs would have worked out about the same and I would have saved about a week by not taking buses. The Tuesday flight was $150. I could have waited until Wednesday when the flight would have cost $100, but I wanted to get moving.

I had to wake up at 3:45am and get a taxi to the airport. The taxi driver was half asleep as well and I apologised to him for making him get up so early. I checked in at Star Peru and then finally succeeded in buying a cappuccino and doughnut for breakfast. We boarded the plane and this guy helped us to back up the plane so we could take off.

Ground Control
Star Peru employee

We even got a couple of biscuits on the flight and a cup of orange juice.

Algo para tomar
“Algo para tomar, Senor?”

When we approached the Andes, the mountains were like islands sticking out of the sea of clouds. We were flying at about 8,000 meters and you could see the tops of the mountains, roads and some small villages.

Andean Peak sticking through the clouds
An Andean peak sticking out of the clouds

We soared into Cuzco and made a stop-off, then took off again for Juliaca. The whole flight only took about two hours all up. At Juliaca, I caught a shared taxi to Puno and am now staying at the Bothy Backpackers Hostel. And I have another bout of Altitude Sickness, so I am not impressed about that.

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