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November 6, 2019

Guangxi Yunan Sichuan

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Guilin to Xi Chang

Well where do I start with the tourist photos. At Guilin I guess. The first time I went there I stopped in Guilin North, which was more the working class area. It was close to the very fast train station when I first arrived. After a couple of days, I went to Xingping, which is a small town on the Lijiang river, famous for the scene on the 20 yuan note.

lijiang river

Lijiang river at Guilin

guilin sculpture

Sculpture of musician

Lijiang River

Tourist boats on the Lijiang River


Dancing in the morning

After about eight or nine in the morning the dance groups start up their shenanigans along the promenade next to the river. They have everything – exercise dance, waltz type dancing, tai chi and ethnic stuff as well.


Pounding nuts

They make these candies out of nuts. This guy was pounding the mixture after mixing with caramelised sugar or something similar. It tasted pretty good.

xi shan, kunming

Xi Shan

At Kunming, I took the subway to the Western Hills Park. The bus took me right up near the top of the mountain. I took a few photos, then it started raining and it did not stop, so I took the bus back down the hill.

Xi Chang

Boat on the Lake

I caught a train to Xi Chang and this morning went for a walk to the Qionghai Lake and Dream Lake Wetland.


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