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March 22, 2017

Hikkaduwa Surfing

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Sri Lankan Endless Summer.

This morning I set off determined to take some surfing photos in Sri Lanka. First off I went to the Fishing Harbour, hoping to get some shots of the left-hander near my hotel. But it was flat, so I took a walk around the harbour.

Hikkaduwa rooftops
Hikkaduwa town

There are lots of trawlers and other smaller fishing vessels in the harbour.

hikkaduwa harbour
Hikkaduwa harbour

There were lots of fish for sale, mainly bonito, tuna and some very nice squid for only 400 rupees a kilo.

fish for sale
fish for sale

Heading down the beach I spied some tourists gawking at something in the water, so I went down and had a look. There were turtles. So I rushed into the water, shoved all the goobers out of the way and took some photos of the turtles. I did not pat them, because that is so tacky. 😉


Moving along the beach, I spotted where the real surfer were – at a break down the beach. doh! It was really hard getting on to the beach because everybody has built crap right on the shore and there is no access to the beach unless you go through some restaurant or hotel.

Indian Beach Heron
Indian Pond Heron on the beach

I do not know what this Indian Pond Heron was doing on the beach. He should be on the pond.

local ripping
Local ripping it up

There were lots of locals surfing really well.

smashing it
smashing it!

Probably an aussie

The surf was a fair size, I reckon about three to four foot.

going right
Another local going right

local in the tube
Grommet getting in the tube

So that is it. I got some surfing photos, saw an Indian Pond Heron on the beach and photographed a turtle. Quite a productive morning I reckon. Now for my afternoon nana-nap. zzzzzzzz

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