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March 16, 2013

Hokkaido Airport Bus

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A Busted Fan Belt.

We were heading towards the airport from Niseko, just near the intersection of Routes 97 and 276, About ten kilometers from Kutchan. The bus stopped. I hopped out to have a look around and take some photos. The fan belt was broken.

broken fan belt
The broken fan belt.

A few of the passengers were about to start panicking because they had flights around one o’clock. This is the bus.

Hokkaido bus
The bus

Some guy from the bus stop rang up to see about getting the bus fixed up.

Ringing for repairs
Ringing up for repairs

Another guy inspects the belt. The radiator was getting a bit hot by this stage.

Hmm this belt is stuffed
Inspecting the fan belt.

Everyone stuck their heads into the motor to check it out.

Inspecting the motor
Checking out the motor

Finally the bus driver got some electrical tape and wound it around the belt and put the belt back on. I was totally skeptical and thought it would not last five minutes, if that. We got going and it lasted about half an hour before it came off and we stopped because the water temperature was getting very hot. The bus driver put the belt on again and we repeated the process a few times until a bus stopped behind us with a new belt. They put it on after some hilarious hijinx and we finally made it to the airport. What an adventure!

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