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February 23, 2009

Homebush Bay Bird Photography 090222

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Today I went down to Sydney to Homebush Bay to have a look at the wetlands there. We had breakfast at the Cafe there when we got there, so it was really good having a coffee first up. We went down to the pond below the cafe. There were heaps of Cormorants and Darters making nests on the island. We saw a few cormorants flying past with sticks in their mouths. This Dusky Moorhen was making a nest right next to where heaps of people were walking past. Unbelievable.

Dusky Moorhen

We went further around the bay to the wreck and the other wetland areas. Here is a photo of a Chestnut Teal male and female which shows the differences. The male is on the right.

Chestnut Teal

I saw some European Goldfinch which was a first for me. The photo is not the best, but at least it is a record. ha ha.

European Goldfinch

At the wreck, this Little Pied Cormorant was having a bit of a shake trying to dry off. He looks a bit like a dog having a good shake.

Little Pied Cormorant

And, as a bonus, I saw some more Brown Quail today and got a relatively decent photo or two. The ones I saw the other day were too far away. Here is an adult.

brown quail

And here is the whole family crossing the road. Youngster is running to catch up. “Hey, wait for me!”

Brown Quails

And last but not least is a Grey Teal. I put this photo up to show the difference between the Grey Teal and the female Chestnut Teal. Notice the white patch on the chest of the grey teal. That is how you tell the difference.

grey teal

A special thanks to Lorna and Graham. 🙂

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