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September 9, 2010

La Hoya Skiing – Luna and Flypark

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Spring Skiing at La Hoya.

It is not officially spring in Argentina yet, but someone has forgotten to tell the snow about that. The snow has been very wet and sticky this week. The other day it was actually hot with the sun beating down on us. Today was overcast and a bit cooler with not much wind at all. There must have been a bit of a freeze overnight because some of the runs had chunky hard bits on them. I call them ice-blocks, others might call them biscuits or similar.

Rochelle at La Luna
Rochelle snowboarding down the La Luna run

I went up the mountain in the morning with Scott and Rochelle and we did a few runs down the Sol piste before heading over to the La Luna run. I went down first and set up my camera to take a few shots of Scott and Rochelle. After a couple of runs we met up with Bruno and we went for a few runs with him.

bruno at Luna
Bruno on the La Luna run

After lunch, we headed off to the FlyPark, which is the park set up for jumps and rails etc at La Hoya. It was not the best of days for photography or for going off jumps because of the overcast sky and flat light. I took a few shots of Scott jumping over the blue wheel and the rainbow.

bruno at flypark
Bruno at the FlyPark

Bruno went up these boards that were set up. I have no idea what it is called.

Scott at Flypark
Scott jumps over the round blue thingie

After the blue wheel and the rainbow, Scott, Rochelle and Bruno went off a little jump.

Bruno at the Flypark
Bruno grabs a rail going over a jump

The snow is melting fast at La Hoya. I do not know how long I am going to stay here. If the sun melts it is no point hanging around. I am hoping for some more snow. Wishful thinking perhaps, but one must keep a positive attitude.

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