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September 17, 2012

Mui Ne

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Southern Coastal Vietnam.

I arrived in Mui Ne yesterday just ahead of a massive thunderstorm which caused a major flood out the front of my hotel. Mui Ne is on the coast about two hundred kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a big tourist resort.

Mui Ne beach
The attraction to tourists

This is just south of where I am staying and looking north. There are not many places to access the beach because all these resorts hog the land next to the beach.

fishing boat
Fishing boat

And of course there are the fishing boats. I helped to pull in some nets on the beach this morning but they only caught a piddling amount. About a couple of kilo of tiny fish and a few squid and prawns. Not really worth all that effort in my humble opinion.

Develop at all costs
New High-rise

There are heaps of new resorts going up. I think they are trying to emulate the tackiness of the Gold Coast. Luckily they did not bring in any Khmer architects to design it or it would have looked ultra hideous.

Crap tailor
A crap tailor

This is rather an unfortunate name or it might mean something.

boats on the beach
Fishing boats on the beach

These fishing boats have a really curvy bottom. They get them out of the water by turning the boat around and around until it is up the beach a bit. It is very labour intensive. I used to use my car and a pulley to pull up my dinghy. Too bad I changed about three clutches.

A coracle

They use these coracles which are made out of bamboo slats and this one is sealed with tar. There are a lot of them that are made out of fiberglass. They use a single oar to scull them around.

Plastic beach
The fishing village at Mui Ne

The beaches are absolutely filthy with plastic and all sorts of junk like old nets all twisted together in these ugly mats of garbage.

My bike
My bike

This bike has brought me all the way from Hanoi to within a couple of hundred kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. My mission is almost complete. It has been a gruelling couple of weeks. The distance from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is about 1700 kilometers but I reckon I have done more than that going up and down the mountains.

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