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November 26, 2010

Parana to Gualeguaychu

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Entre Rios, Argentina

After the river adventures of Rosario I moved further into the Entre Rios region of Argentina. This area is called Mesopotamia because of the similarity to the area between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in Irag. I hopped on a bus from Rosario to Gualeguaychu which is close to the Rio Uruguay which is on the other side of the Entre Rios area. The Uruguay River serves as the border with Uruguay. Gualeguaychu is actually on the Rio Gualeguaychu which flows into the Rio Uruguay. The next photo is from a river cruise that I took at Parana. People actually swim in these rivers. They are muddy and dirty.

parana river beach
A Beach on the Parana River

I went for a swim at Gualeguaychu yesterday and was not impressed. The water was filthy. yuk! But it was nice and cool at least. The weather here in Argentina is getting pretty hot, so a cool swim was welcome.

parana river
Parana River Ship

I am hanging out here in the sticks because I do not want to go to Buenos Aires yet. I will probably head there after the weekend for a few days. Less than a week to go on my South American Adventures.

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