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September 8, 2012

Phong Nha Cave

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Phong Nha Cave.

First thing this morning was some noodles – Phong Bo – and a hot black coffee. Then I was ready to go. I headed over to the wharf and there were already bus loads of tourists lining up to get on the boats. Luckily I found some strays to go in the boat with.

The waiting crowds

Weekends in national parks are a no-go area. There are crazy hordes of day-trippers. It is best to avoid and go during the week. I always seem to mis-time my visits to national parks so far.

Up the river

Here we are heading up the river to the caves. They were about a couple of kilometers from the wharf.

cave entrance
The entrance to Phong Nha Cave

Here is the entrance to the Phong Nha cave. We only went into the beginning of the cave and walked through them because the recent rains means that the river had risen and you would hit your head on stalagtites if you go in the boat through the cave.

Loooking out cave
Looking out

This is looking out from the cave about a hundred meters inside.

Limestone formation 2
Limestone formations

I cannot remember which is which stalagmites, stalagtites.

Limestone formation 1
More limestone formations

Limestone formation 3

Looking out

These were a couple of German-Vietnamese guys who were visiting. Their mothers are Vietnamese and their father is German. They can speak Hanoi Viet but cannot understand the local dialect.

Inside looking  out
Inside looking out

And coming back out of the cave. We had to bash aside all the local tourists to get out. It was a fight to the death.

The river downstream

And here we are coming down the river back to the town and the wharf. I am going to spend the rest of the day sleeping.

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