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April 3, 2011

Shopping in Osaka

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Honshu, Japan.

This morning I took off from Nara and caught the train to Osaka. Again, a kindly lady helped me cope with the complexities of Japanese trains. But it was really easy. I just got off at Shin-Imamiya Station and walked down the street to find my hotel. Osaka is very different to Kyoto. It seems more working class and grungy. Kyoto is reputed to be more refined and cultured. I dumped my bags off at the Hotel and went for a walk to Den Den town, which is the electronic shops location in Osaka. It was not very good. The prices were not cheap and there was not much variety. There are heaps of these shops where girls go in and use cranes to pick up a fluffy toy. They are really into “cute”.

girlie arcade
Girlie Arcade

Further up, I found the Namba district which has heaps of shops that have very in your face advertising methods. The colours for the graphics and advertisements are very vivid and colourful. The spruikers are yelling out to come and buy their stuff and they have people with signs directing shoppers to their stores. It is sell, sell, sell.

Namba Shopping Mall
Namba shopping mall

Everywhere you go in Japan, there are Pachinko parlours. I finally worked up the courage to go into one and take a photo and some video. The noise is unbelievable. Watch the video further down the page to get the full effect.

Pachinko Parlour

Sashimi on a rice ball is a very common feed here in Japan. You can buy it in a bento box from the supermarket as well. I tried Sashimi once but did not like it. I prefer my fish cooked.

Slap some sashimi on it mate
Sashimi on a Rice Ball, please

Nearly all the young people have all these trinkets and cute fluffy little toys hanging off chains from their pockets or their backpacks. I do not understand it. But I am not really interested in cute “things”.

Trinkets for sale
Roll up, get your trinkets here

This guy was cooking Spider Crab. They had a huge spider crab above the shop.

Cooking crab
Cooking Crab

Another example of some direct advertising to catch your attention. It worked on me. The only problem was I did not have a clue what he was selling.

Crazy Hiro
Crazy Hiro

I went into a Pachinko Parlour and filmed it to convey the noise of the place. I also filmed some politician dude walking around town and some other crazy things. Video shows the extreme nature of the assault on the senses that is a Japanese city.

Shopping in Osaka video

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