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April 15, 2012

Solo Steam Train

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Surakata, Central Java

I could not believe my luck. Today I had a ride on a steam train in Solo. I was just sitting by the side of the road near the night market when I heard this hooting going on and this steam train came sliding by. I followed it down the road a whiles to where it had stopped.

solo steam train
The steam train

I took a few photos of it and the statue of General Slamet Rhiyadi.

general slamet riyadi
General Slamet Rhiyadi

This carving was on the monument to the general.

generals planning merdeka
The generals planning freedom from the dutch

Later on, this guy asked me if I spoke English. I very warily said yes and he told me that he was from the tourist office and had organised this steam train ride and if I wanted to I could hop aboard and have a ride. Of course I said yes and when everyone had got on, off it went, complete with whistle and billowing smoke from the chimney. thing. whatever it is called.

Smoke stack

After a while I just starting having the most fun, leaning out from the steps taking photos and waving to all the people as we went by. It was infectious. It must have something to do with steam trains, they must bring out the big kid in people.

steam train
Riding on the steam train

Anyway, we arrived at the end station and the tourist office guy offered to give me a lift in his car back to the original stop and when it started raining he dropped me off at a warung to have some dinner. What an afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Totally unexpected. I love when things like that happen.

Waving to the folks on the train

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