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October 31, 2010

Sunday in Lima Centro

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Lima, Peru

Today I did the tourist thing and went into Lima Centro to check it out. I was going to do one of those city tours on the top of the bus but they were too ezpensive – 50 Soles, what a rip-off! After having a shower and forgetting to take my towel, I hopped on the Metropolitano to the Central Station. I had no idea where I was going, I just got off the bus and started walking down the street.

I saw this big building and there were lots of markets inside, so I went in. It turned out to be the central markets, as far as I could tell. There were rows and rows of little shops selling clothes, electronics, DVD’s and shoes. I never saw so many shoes before. I was not really interested, but if you had a shoe fetish you would be in heaven, or hell.

Lima Markets
More shoes than you could poke a stick at in Lima markets

I walked around and checked everything out but did not buy anything. I went upstairs to the cafeteria area and had cerviche and pescado frito(fried fish). I really love Cerviche and its everywhere in Peru. I do not know what I am going to do when I leave Peru and there is no more Cerviche. Maybe I will have to get a recipe and make it for myself. Someone here should know how to do it.

After the markets, I walked down the road and checked out the traffic on the streets. It really is chaotic. There are buses and taxis and cars going all over the place, without any seeming organisation. This collectivo stopped near where I was and the conductor just starts yelling out the destination and drumming up business.

Lima Collectivo
Collectivo waiting for passengers in Lima street

There was not much to do around where I was. I could not find any tourist information, so I trudged back to the Metropolitano terminal and jumped on the bus back to Barranco, where I am staying. The Metropolitano is a good new system that goes through Lima from North to South. It has dedicated lanes on the roads and is quite efficient and quick. Notice the obligatory youth playing crappy South American pop music on his mobile phone at full volume.

Metropolitano Lima
On the metropolitano, Lima

When I got back to Barranco, I found a stall in the park selling real espresso coffee, so that was the highlight of the day. Sunday in Lima, that is it.


  1. Steve, I like your post. I sympathize with your comment about “buses and taxis and cars going all over the place, without any seeming organisation”. In fact, especially to help people like you, I have done a project that I call Rutas Recomendables (, which is an attempt to map some of the recommended routes. With close to 600 routes in Lima, it is impossible to make a map with all and every route. But with the Rutas Recomendables map at least you will have 12 (plus the Metropolitano).

    Regards, Jeroen

    Comment by Jeroen Prinsen — November 5, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

  2. Thanks Jeroen.
    Great work on your charts. The locals probably know where they are going. Gringo tourists may just have to struggle with it.


    Comment by admin — November 10, 2010 @ 11:31 pm

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