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February 26, 2009

Bird Photography Shortland 090226

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Bird Photography at the Hunter Wetlands Centre, Shortland. 26th February, 2009.

This morning I went late to the Hunter Wetlands Centre at Shortland in Newcastle. It was another overcast day and the mosquitos were biting something chronic. I applied the repellant rather thickly. First up is this interesting photo of a moulting male Superb Fairy-wren. His feathers look very bedgraggled.

Superb Fairy-wren

As per usual there was a Whistling Kite circling around looking for a feed. I put this photo in portrait mode for a change. It seems to suit the long wingspan of this remarkable raptor.

Whistling Kite

There were heaps and heaps of Straw-necked Ibis roosting in the trees and causing a general nuisance. They cannot seem to sit still for five minutes before they fly off to another tree. They are constantly flying here and there, but why? Check out the colours on this bird’s wings.

Straw-necked Ibis

Another very occurrence was the sight of this Nankeen Night Heron with a stick in his bill. I am assuming he is building a nest. But why is he building a nest at this very late stage.

Nankeen Night Heron

And here is the obligatory Great Egret. One cannot do anything without a photo of a Great Egret. So here one is, flying.

Great Egret

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