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August 16, 2009

Limeburners Creek NR Bird Photography 090810

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Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve, Melaleuca Camp, 10th August 2009.

The Dunghutti and Biripi Aboriginal people have been living in this coastal environment and walking along the beaches and headlands for thousands of years. The Limeburners Creek area is their traditional land and has stong cultural significance to Aboriginal people. The Melaleuca Camping Area is at the beginning of the Nature Reserve at Big Hill.

I drove from Crescent Head past Racecourse Beach , which has a rather nice nature reserve(Goolawah Camping Reserve). The road is tarred in places and dirt in others. Figure that one out. Theres is a camping ground at Delicate Nobby, which is just outside the Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve. Melaleuca Camp is at Big Hill and is on the banks of the creek. I walked along the creek to the west. There were quite a lot of Superb Fairy-wrens just near my car as well as a Pied Currawong that came to visit me.

It is actually quite a nice spot to camp. You have the creek, the beach and the bush all in one. There were a few water birds on the creek such as Dusky Moorhen, cormorants, Australian Wood Duck and Pacific Black Duck.

Figbird (Sphecotheres viridis)

There was lots and lots of lantana on the creek bank. It was so high in places I saw lantana flowers about 10-20 metres up in a tree. Very bad actually. Also, some cows had been in the nature reserve as well. I was not impressed to say the least. The highlight of the afternoon would have been the Brown Cuckoo-doves feeding on the Tobacco Bush again, as well as this bird flaring her tail feathers. I am not sure what this behaviour is about.

Brown Cuckoo-dove
Brown Cuckoo-dove (Macropygia amgoinensis)

Limeburners Creek bird list 10/8/09

Superb Fairy-wren
Pied Currawong
Dusky Moorhen
Australian Wood Duck
Pacific Black Duck
Little Pied Cormorant
Little Black Cormorant
Brown Thornbill
Australian Magpie
Brown Cuckoo-dove
Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Grey Fantail
Eastern Spinebill
Masked Lapwing
Willy Wagtail
Black Swan
Golden Whistler

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