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August 14, 2009

Sea Acres NR Bird Photography 090808

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Sea Acres Nature Reserve, Port Macquarie, 8th August, 2009.

The Sea Acres Nature Reserve is at Shelly Beach, about 5 kilometers south of Port Macquarie shopping centre. There is 1.3 kilometres of elevated rainforest boardwalk which takes you around the unique subtropical rainforest. I managed to get lucky and scored a guided walk around the rainforest centre with Brian, who was from the Hastings Birdwatchers. It was very quiet but I did manage to get some photos of an Eastern Shrike-tit, although they were a bit dark. I saw an Eastern Whipbird rustling around on the forest floor, and a couple of Eastern Yellow Robins, and some Brown Thornbills.

We also saw a Brush Turkey mound and it was monstrous. It seems that they incubate the eggs inside the mound and the male regulates the temperature by removing and adding layers to the mound. Temperature regulation is the only help that Brush Turkeys give to their offspring.

Later on, when I was out in the surf at Town Beach, I saw a pair of Reef Egrets fly past. Brian had told me earlier that a pair had been sighted at Shelly Beach. How many times have I seen birds when I have not had my camera?

Here is a Video of the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre from

If video is jumpy, press pause and wait for it to load.

Sea Acres NR bird list, 8/8/09

Eastern Shrike-tit
Eastern Whipbird
Brush Turkey
Eastern Yellow Robin
Brown Thornbill

Belmore River

Later that day, I drove to Kempsey and took the road to South-west Rocks and turned right at Old Station Road, looking for the Belmore Swamps. I asked some farmers along the way, but they had never heard of it. At Gladstone, I turned right again and followed the Belmore River towards Crescent Head. Eventually I got on to Loftus Road, which follows the Hat Head National Park.

Belmore River bird list 8/8/09

Cattle Egret
Grey Teal
Great Egret
Chestnut Teal
White-breasted Pigeon

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