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February 27, 2009

Bird Photography Ash Island 090227

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Bird Photography at Ash Island, Newcastle. 27th February, 2009.

Today I went to Ash Island, again! When I pulled up to Wagtail Way, there were the usual Welcome Swallows and the pair of Black-fronted Dotterels at the beginning of the road. So I decided to test out using the Flash. So I put on the flash with a home-made diffuser made out of a milk carton. Here is a photo of a Welcome Swallow(Hirundo neoxena) taken with the flash.

Welcome Swallow

I carried on down the road and there was not much happening. I noticed that the Welcome Swallows were hovering for a longer time than usual so I decided to have a try at catching some in flight. It was extremely difficult to get any in focus, so I just fired away and hoped that some of them would be in focus. Not a recommended technique, in my humble opinion.

Welcome Swallow

Anyway, some of them came out in focus, sort of. The lighting was a bit direct and harsh and coming from behind the birds, so that was another hurdle that I had to jump. This one turned his head obligingly so that his head was in the sun. Thank you little fella.

Welcome Swallow

And here is the last one in this series. I shot so many duds today and I would hazard a guess that maybe I kept about thirty percent of the photos. Not a very good statistic, but these birds are very difficult to photograph in flight.

Welcome Swallow

The only other bird around was this Royal Spoonbill(Platalea regia). Good old reliable spoonbills, they are always obliging with a ready smile and a swish of the bill.

Royal Spoonbill

On the way home I spotted a raptor up in the sky but I am not sure what it was. I am awaiting an ID.


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